A laboratory studying severe storms such as tropical cyclones, heavy rainfall, and high winds and atmospheric environmental issues such as turbulence and dispersion.  台風・豪雨・暴風など暴風雨現象や大気乱流・拡散など大気環境に係わる諸問題の研究をしています。

Division of Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Disasters Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University
京都大学 防災研究所 気象・水象災害研究部門 暴風雨・気象環境研究分野(大学院理学研究科地球惑星科学専攻大気科学分科担当)
Tetsuya Takemi's Web Sites(教授 理学博士 竹見哲也)
Tetsuya Takemi


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I am an atmospheric scientist, and my research interests extend to severe storms including heavy rains, gusty winds, tornadoes, and tropical cyclones, turbulent flows and dispersion over urban districts and complex terrains, and atmospheric transport processes such as Asian dust and volcanic ash. The key words in my research topics are convection, turbulence, and advection. Based on the fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of the environmental fluids, I am working in the areas of meteorology, atmospheric sciences, and the related fields, and exploring interdisciplinary areas between atmospheric sciences and the related engineering fields.


Research Fields

mesoscale and microscale meteorology, environmental fluid dynamics, atmospheric turbulence and dispersion, applied meteorology, atmospheric environment