Joint seminar by Research Section of Severe Storm and Atmospheric Environment and Field Research Section for Fluvial and Coastal Hazards

This seminar is held as Seminar on Applied Meteorology IIA/IIB/IIC/IID at Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Graduate School of Science.

Every Thursday afternoon at a seminar room in DPRI, the Uji campus of Kyoto University
Talks by members and guest researchers on their research, historical review, report on research activities, dry runs for the presentations at conferences/meetings.

Book readings

Read textbooks on basic meteorology and atmospheric sciences for graduate students.

Every Friday morning at a seminar room in DPRI, the Uji campus of Kyoto University

Doctoral and master dissertations

Here is the list of the names and titles of doctoral and master dissertations at Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University (after academic year 1997).

<Master degree dissertations>
Year Name Title
2017 Yoshiki Hashimoto Relationships between the diurnal variation of precipitation and synoptic-scale environments over the western Maritime Continent during the cold season
2015 Arina Sasaki Analysis of temporal and spatial variation of surface wind over the Shonai Plain in winter during strong wind episodes
Kei Suzuki A study on the identification and characteristics of heavy rainfall events with AMeDAS data
Yuhei Yamamoto Retrieval of land surface temperature from Himawari-8 data
Toshiya Yoshida Numerical analysis on the spatio-temporal structure of boudary-layer turbulence over a real city
2014 Yusuke Ioka Study on the mechanisms for the development of local-scale heavy rainfall as revealed by high-resolution radar data and numerical simulations
Naoto Kusano Analysis of environmental conditions for stationary precipitating systems in the Hokuriku region during the Baiu period
Takashi Nakano Characteristics of typhoons that intensify near the Japanese Islands
Yuhei Hayashi Numerical experiments on the transition of tornado-like vortices
2013 Shinya Tsuchida Study on the characteristics and environmental conditions of summertime precipitation in the Kinki region
2012 Hiroya Endo Development of algorithm for retrieving effective cloud droplet radius with the use of geostationary satellites MTSAT-2 and Fengyun-2E
Takayuki Kusano Characteristics and environmental conditions of summertime precipitation in the Nobi Plain
Nao Takamura Structure and environment of re-intensifying typhoons after extra-tropical transition
Aya Tsuboi Study on the effects of Madden-Julian Oscillation on the genesis of tropical cyclones over the Indian Ocean: Statistical analysis and case study during the period of CINDY2011
2011 Keiichiro Toya Study on the variability of precipitation and the moisture transport during the Baiu period
2010 Shohei Nomura Study on the environmental conditions for the development of local-scale afternoon precipitation in the Kanto Plain in summer
Tomohiro Miura Numerical study on the dissipating processes of stratocumulus clouds by large eddy simulations
2009 Hiroshi Ohno Study on the development and intensification of dust devils
Kenshi Hibino Study on the mechanisms for the generation of coherent streaks within the neutrally stratified Ekman boundary layer
Ryuji Yoshida Merger of mesoscale convective systems and the genesis of tropical cyclones in the western North Pacific
2008 Junya Ishizuka Water budget analysis of squall lines
Miki Uenishi Roles of air-sea interaction in the development of Typhoon Chaba (2004) and Songda (2004)
Keisuke Nakamichi Energy budget analysis of Typhoon Songda (2004) with elliptical eye
2007 Ryo Abe Changes of the activity of extra-tropical cyclones under global warming
Wakako Sato Numerical study on the tornadoes associated with Typhoon Wynne (1980)
Hiroki Minami Study on the origin of water vapor content over the Tibetan Plateau
Yoshiaki Miyamoto Numerical study on the influences of the sea-surface drag changes under strong wind conditions on the intensity of typhoons
2006 Mizuki Shinohara Relationship between typhoon intensity and ocean heat content
Mie Takiguchi Retrieval of cloud reflectivity at 3.7 μm wavelength from MTSAT-1R data
2005 Yuya Saito Study on the changes in the structure of typhoons and the precipitation characteristics during extra-tropical transition process
Takayuki Tokura On the activity of clouds in mountains and valleys of the Tibetan Plateau
Takahiro Fujiwara Structure and stability of multiple vortices within quasi-geostrophic elliptical vortex
2004 Ken Yokogi Numerical analysis on the genesis of typhoons
Jiro Yoneda Study on the effects of dry-air intrusion on the development of heavy rainfall in the Baiu frontal zone
2003 Genki Katata Numerical study on the transport of heat and water at the dry soil surface
Tetsuo Fukui Study on turbulent diffusion in clear free troposphere from MU radar observations
2002 Takaaki Fukuhara Effects of heat and moisture fluxes on the explosive development of extra-tropical cyclones
Yuriko Miura Effects of environmental conditions on the development of cyclones in the north Indian Ocean
2001 Yuichiro Oku Retrieval of land-surface temperature over the Tibetan Plateau from satellite data
Takahiro Koyama Analysis of airflows over topography
Mizuo Kajino Behavior of tropospheric aerosols in East Asia: Observation and modeling of chemical species and their spatial distribution
2000 Yu Hozumi Analysis of polar lows that develop behind extra-tropical cyclones
Jun Yoshino Numerical study on the extra-tropical transition and cloud pattern of Typhoon Bart (1999)
1999 Kazushi Suzuki On the heavy rainfall and dry-air intrusion associated with Baiu frontal activity
Hiroaki Terada Study on the acid rain and yellow sand in East Asia
1998 Kazuhiro Ando Two-dimensional numerical experiment on the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability including double diffusive convection
Taro Takemoto Behavior of inorganic volatile matters within polluted airmass transported in the long range
Kenji Tanaka Study on surface energy budget
1997 Satoru Taketomi Observation of moisture transport at the desert-oasis boundary
Takamine Wada Study on the prediction of surface energy budget with a force-restore method
<Doctoral degree dissertations>
Year Name Title
2016 Takashi Unuma Statistical studies on the characteristics, morphology, and environmental conditions of quasi-stationary precipitating systems in Japan during the warm season
2014 Rui Ito Studies on changes and mechanisms of urban climate formation under different geographical conditions
Fatima Akter Environmental conditions and dryline influence on the occurrence of severe local convective storms in Bangladesh during the pre-monsoon season
Ruji Yoshida Statistical studies on the environmental conditions for the genesis of tropical cyclones in the western North Pacific
Mitsuaki Horiguchi Observational studies of large-scale turbulence structures in the near-neutral atmospheric boundary layer
2012 Tamon Niisoe Studies on the simulations of atmospheric transport of toxic chemical materials with the use of organism sample
2010 Yoshiaki Miyamoto Roles of sea surface fluxes on the maintenance and intensification of tropical cyclones
2009 Genki Katata Numerical studies on the land-atmosphere interaction over the arid and semi-arid regions
2005 Kenji Tanaka Observational studies on the land-atmosphere interaction over the Tibetan Plateau
Naoto Kihara Numerical studies on turbulent structure and transport at the air-water interface
2004 Yuichiro Oku Observational studies on the surface energy budget over the Tibetan Plateau as revealed from the remote-sensing data by geostationary satellites
Mizuo Kajino Air quality changes and acidification with the increase of volcanic sulfate aerosols: Effects of the Miyakejima Volcano in East Asia
2003 Yu Hozumi Effects of the Tibetan Plateau on the development of sub-synoptic-scale cyclones in East Asia
Jun Yoshino Studies on the extra-tropical transition processes and their mesoscale structures of typhoons in the mid-latitude region
Haruyasu Nagai Development of a new atmosphere-soil-vegetation model to study heat, water, and CO2 exchanges between the atmosphere and land-surface
1999 Teruo Ohsawa Studies on convective activity and precipitation characteristics during the summer monsoon in Tropical Asia
1998 Tetsuya Takemi Studies on the structure, evolution, and maintenance mechanism of a severe squall line in an arid region