WWW page of HEIFE project (1989-1993) and post project

There was a cooperative project between China and Japan to investigate the interaction between atmosphere and land in arid and semi-arid area. The project was undertaken in Heihe River basin in North-west China (Gansu Province), where called Hexi Corridor of the ancient silk road. The project was called as HEIFE ( Heihe river basin Field Experiment ). Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University, Japan and Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atomospheric Science, Chinese Academy of Science, China were representatives of both sides.

Many papers were appeared in scientific journals. For examples, Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan had two special issues at October and December 1995 ( see here ).

Most of data obtained in the project are open for future scientific research work, although the data are still in 'as is' state. We decided it to be open, because no one can make arrangement to data set until now.

The adminstation group of HEIFE WWW Site hope to improve this site and also data set itself. Please give us your helpful comment.

Please feel free to use HEIFE data for research and for education. You can use data without notification, of course without permittion. But if you want to use for commercial purpose please contact us before using. When you publish the result using HEIFE data, please make mentioning on HEIFE project with this URL (http://ssrs.dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~heife/) or some adequate paper in some Journals.

Contact adress is XXXXXXX . (tentatively, please mail to tama@green.gifu-u.ac.jp, if necessary ).

The administrator group of HEIFE data:

Data Archive (You can get data from here!)

Photographs in 1991 IOP by I. Tamagawa


Short introduction about HEIFE by I. Tamagawa (in Japanese)

Desert Station

AWS 012

written by I. Tamagawa (Gifu University)